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Frontier Estates has been developing its business for over two decades and has completed more than 150 projects in all areas of the real estate market, including retail, healthcare, offices, industry and logistics, housing and hotels.


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Multi-sector expertise

Our diverse multi-sector expertise is unusual and it offers significant benefits to our clients. It keeps us innovative and up-to-date, enabling us to rapidly adapt our business plan and projects, and take advantage of changing occupier demand and economic cycles.


As a privately-owned company we have a strong financial foundation providing substantial internal and external funding.

Above all else, Frontier is an energetic entrepreneurial business. Our independence enables us to make rapid decisions as we drive the investment and development process forwards.

Since 1996 we and our financial partners have invested in projects with a total value in excess of 2 billion Euros.

Frontier Capital is owned by Adam Eldred and Andrew Crowther and is the financial backbone of the Frontier companies.

Frontier Capital usually provides equity finance for the developments of the Frontier companies. Frontier Capital also regularly works in conjunction with our bankers and a number of other financial partners. Funding partners for Frontier schemes have included: Aviva, Rockspring, CBRE, RBS, Lasalle Investment Management, Lloyds, Schroders, Cargill, Henderson, Prudential and USS.

In addition Frontier enjoyed a twelve year joint venture with the Trustees of the Chubb Common Investment Fund. An exclusive 50/50 formal joint venture, this partnership undertook nine projects and was one of only a handful of direct joint ventures between a real estate company and pension fund.

We have the financial resources and investment expertise to ensure the future growth of Frontier Estates.

The high profile of the Frontier brand ensures no shortage of opportunities in which to invest. But it is discerning project selection and careful risk management that are ultimately the key to profitable projects and sustainable partnerships.

Frontier works with local partners in each Country that it operates within.

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